Racial graffiti found covering playground in Sparta, Ill. - KMOV.com

Racial graffiti found covering playground in Sparta, Ill.

(KMOV.com) -- For several days, a playground in a small southern Illinois community has been splattered with racial graffiti.

Residents of Sparta, Ill., located about 50 miles southeast of St. Louis, said they found racial slurs covering a playground on the Randolph County Fairgrounds.

Some parents told News 4 they had already contacted the city, but so far nothing has been done. Rosette Clay said the racially charged graffiti should have been cleaned up immediately.

"That's why this needs to be gone -- if it had been gone right away or even the next day, or as soon as they became aware of it," said Clay. "Someone should have been out here scrubbing, cleaning, getting it off of there."

The Sparta Police Department said it was aware of the graffiti. Because of the Easter holiday, no city officials were available for comment.

On Monday, News 4 will ask police and City Hall when the park will be cleaned up.

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