Macy's mistakenly marks down necklace from $1,500 to $47 -

Macy's mistakenly marks down necklace from $1,500 to $47

DALLAS (WFAA) -- Macy's mailed an advertisement across the country earlier this month with a major pricing mistake. It listed a $1,500 necklace on sale for $47.

It wasn't just a typo in the ad, customers actually purchased them for that price and bought all the inventory at the Macy's in Collin Creek Mall, according to Robert Bernard.

He tried to purchase two of them.

"It says 'Super Buy!,'" Bernard added holding up the 44-page advertisement Macy's mailed to him.

Bernard said he thought it was quite a deal and he was shopping for an anniversary gift for his wife.

The necklace is listed as a sterling silver and 14-karat gold. Macy's said it is regularly priced at $1,500. But the mailer listed it on sale for $47.

Bernard suspected it might not be true. But when he got to the Macy's at Collin Creek Mall people were actually paying that price for the expensive necklace. In fact, a customer in front of him brought every one of them the store had in stock, he said.

The clerk offered to sell Bernard two of necklaces for $47 and have them shipped to his home. Total Savings was $1,400, his receipt read.

But a couple days later, Macy's left him a voicemail.

"This item has the wrong price for $47," a Macy's call center employee said in Bernard's voicemail. "The correct price is $479 dollars and because of that pricing error, your order has been canceled and I apologize."

Most upsetting, Bernard said, was that Macy's never offered him anything else for the money he spent but said it would process a refund for him.

"I'm very, very bothered by it because I don't want anybody else to feel the way I feel," Bernard added.

Friday afternoon, Macy's apologized for the error but didn't explain how it happened.

"When the mistake was caught, signage did go up in the fine jewelry department and on store doors alerting customers that a mistake had been made," wrote Beth Charlton, Macy's spokeswoman in an e-mail. "For those customers who bought the necklace at the $47 price, they were fortunate. For the gentleman you spoke with, he was not so fortunate. We are sincerely sorry he was disappointed and unable to buy the necklace at the $47 price for his wife."

Macy's could not immediately say how many necklaces it mistakenly sold at the wrong price.


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