Fifty Shades of Grey musical comedy starts in NYC -

Fifty Shades of Grey musical comedy starts in NYC

The pages of the wildly popular book "Fifty Shades of Grey" have now been set to music and given a humorous twist for a new off-Broadway production called "Cuff Me: The Fifty Shades of Grey Musical Parody" in New York City.

The musical is the brainchild of producer Tim Flaherty who called on writers Bradford McMurran, Jeremiah Albers, and Sean Devereux to bring the idea to life.

"We went and read the books embarrassingly. And I hate to say it, but I got into them. But I went and recruited this guy and this guy and from there we spent 14 hours days writing and laughing and throwing stuff away and coming back to it," McMurran told Reuters.

And after three to four months the play made its debut on March 27th to a sold out crowd.

Flaherty, who has been producing off-Broadway productions for over ten years, said making the racy content of the book stage-friendly was easy.

"What you do you sort of play it over the top. You take something that would be graphic in the book and then you make it just comical in the show. And I think that takes all the creepiness out of it. And you know, makes it fun and everyone can be in on the joke," he said.

During the 85 minute show, four actors boldly navigate multiple characters without any inhibitions.

"We're all very close, so it's been really fun, which I think that helps not make it, what could be awkward situations, not awkward," said Laurie Elizabeth Gardner, who plays Anastasia Steele.

The trio of writers are quick to point out the silliness of the musical and hope the book's author, E.L. James, doesn't mind.

"I emailed her, but she didn't get back to me yet," said McMurran, jokingly.

"We're waiting for the phone call. If not from her, definitely from her lawyer," added Devereux with a laugh.

And if they don't hear from James, McMurran is hoping he'll at least snag a girlfriend for his efforts.

"I mean we didn't write 'War and Peace' here. But it certainly is a fun one without a doubt. And I love that our crowd is like typically like women and middle aged women and it may help out my dating life."

The musical will have its official opening night on May 5th.

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