Mother gives birth to 15-pound baby boy -

Mother gives birth to 15-pound baby boy

( - George King was born weighting 15lbs 7oz, twice the size of an average baby, six weeks ago to his parents Jade and Ryan. He's only put on a pound since.

Because no one knew he would be so big, doctors struggled to deliver him. George went without oxygen for 5 minutes and was given a 10% chance of survival.

He was transferred to St Michaels hospital in Bristol and was only allowed home after 4 ½ weeks. George is now going for regular checkups but Mom and Dad say all the signs are good.

Doctors are still trying to find out why George was so big, it doesn't seem to run in the family. His Mom weighed just 6lb when she was born and Dad was a little over nine.

Only one baby born naturally in the UK was bigger than George, and he was only an ounce heavier. Dozens of tiny unused baby clothes have now been packed away, although Mom says she's been put off having any more babies for a while. She's just happy having her hands full with this one.

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