Baby dies after being burned by boiling water -

Baby dies after being burned by boiling water

PASADENA -- Officials are investigating the death of a Pasadena baby who was burned by hot water. They have a lot of questions for the boy's parents -- especially because of their past with CPS.

Investigators entered the family’s home with a search warrant Wednesday evening.

Pasadena police were called to a home on North Memorial Court not by a family member, but by the Bayshore Medical Center saying that a 10-month old boy had been burned there by scalding water.

Neighbors initially felt for the family’s loss.

“I’m a teacher and I love kids,” said neighbor Carolyn Floyd. “And I just think it’s absolutely terrible.”

But the information that came in the following hours had them pointing fingers.

“This should’ve never happened,” said neighbor Wayne Floyd. “I think someone ought to pay for what happened. I think they ought to be locked up in jail.”

Police say the parents drove their son to the hospital and did not call 911 after the baby suffered burns to over half of his body.

Investigators confirmed a history with the child’s parents, who are in their early twenties.

The boy’s maternal grandparents said the little boy was taken away by CPS last August and just recently returned to the home.

“It’s very heartbreaking that the system can’t help an infant that can’t speak for itself,” said neighbor Gena Palacios.”

Police were hoping the parents would have an explanation for what happened here, but instead they immediately retained an attorney and refused to speak.

Without any verbal statements, detectives are searching for physical evidence that can show what led to the baby’s death.

Officials still do not know how the baby got scalded by the water or where this happenedinside the home.

KHOU 11 News called CPS about this family and were told they’d release more information on Thursday.

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