Tax hike possible for Bel-Ridge residents to fix aging sewer system -

Tax hike possible for Bel-Ridge residents to fix aging sewer system

(KMOV) --  A major tax increase is possible for a small St. Louis town in an effort to fix the aging sewer system.


A 78-percent increase could happen to the residents of Bel-Ridge after leaders announced the need for money to fix an aging, crumbling sewer infrastructure.

They are asking nearly every one of the more than 2,000 residents to increase their sewer-lateral taxes from $28 to $50 per year.

The sewer-lateral is the line that runs from the main to the foundation of someone's home.

A lot of the houses are from the 40’s and 50’s. The pipes are made of clay, so they easily break -apart.

In years past, when those lines broke, the city used the collected tax dollars to fix it, at no cost to homeowners.

But officials told News 4 because repairs are increasing and the population is dropping, they're out of money. Now people are picking up the cost themselves with the promise the city will re-pay them.

Police chief and sewer inspector, Gordon Brock said something has to be done. “It needs to be repaired there's times where sewers are backing up into basements and you just can't have that, so we are just doing what we can to get things fixed,” Brock said.

Of course, it's ultimately up to the people who live here when they head to the polls on April 2.


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