Blues hold meeting following loss to Edmonton -

Blues hold meeting following loss to Edmonton

(HockeyStL) -- Something needed to be said after the St. Louis Blues fell 3-0 to the Edmonton Oilers on Tuesday night. That’s exactly what happened, too.

The locker room was closed for 22 minutes after the game and Ken Hitchcock didn’t address the media until one hour and 17 minutes after the final horn sounded; something that usually occurs 20 minutes afterwards.

The meeting included the “team leaders” and “buy-in,” a term often used with this year’s Blues team.

“It’s going to require a deeper buy-in from the group, which is what we talked here with our leaders. That is why we met,” Hitchcock said. “It’s going to take a deeper buy-in by the group for us to be successful.”

With the season’s end in sight, the Blues have dropped three of their last four games despite outshooting their opponents 140-74.

“It’s the accumulation of the creeping in of going backwards again,” Hitchcock said. “I know we had a lot of shots on goal and I know that, but it’s not a good feeling when you don’t have everybody -- in order to win in the National Hockey League on a consistent basis, you need to have everybody on the same page all of the time.

“That’s the sense of pride you need to have. That’s where we’re trying to get to.”

When asked if there was a leadership problem, Hitchcock replied, “No, it's a collective buy-in across the board of playing the game the right away all the time so you give yourself at the end of the night a chance to win. We’re in and then we’re out, we’re in and then we’re out.”

The loss on Tuesday night put the Blues in seventh place and only two points ahead of the final playoff spot.

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