PRACS Institue employees finally speak out after sudden closure -

PRACS Institue employees finally speak out after sudden closure

(KMOV) -- Employees are speaking out about PRACS Institute closing its doors in St. Charles. Almost a week later and employees still have many unanswered questions.

"They had to have known this was coming or the possibility of it.  You just don’t turn around overnight and decide to declare bankruptcy." Afraid of backlash from the company we promised this former PRACS employee we'd hide her identity. One of hundreds now without a job but also without a lot more.

“I mean, we lost our paycheck, health insurance, 401 k benefits…all in the blink of an eye. We’re not getting concrete answers,” she says.

They’re not the only ones. News 4 also tried calling officials with the PRACS Institute. After several minutes of hold music a voice comes on asking you to leave a message, We also sent an email and have yet to receive a response.
The Attorney General’s Office says they've received complaints from both employees and participants and they're looking into it but couldn’t say much beyond that.
Employees are left without answers. Only horrific memories of being told she no longer has a job.

"\When I went in there everybody was hysterical, They were crying, hugging each other-these are people I’ve worked with for 6 years. Some have worked there for 15,18,20 years."

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