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Power plant webcam captures the life of a falcon

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky -- Three hundred feet atop one of the smokestacks at Mill Creek Power Plant, a Peregrine Falcon has found a unique place to hatch her eggs. Now the public can watch it all happen with a webcam perched right next to the mom to be. It's a view that's rare to see and now all eyes are on the falcon.

LG&E and the Department of Fish and Wildlife worked together to build a nest box for the falcon. She lay five eggs February 21 and they are expected to begin hatching sometime this week.

The webcam is the only one in Kentucky . The reason is two-fold, so the public can watch a rare sight and Fish and Wildlife can track this once endangered species.

"Previously monitoring was done by photographs and scope lenses," Liz Pratt, LG&E spokesperson said.

This is not the first time a falcon has decided to nest in the area. Since 2007, 19 falcons have hatched at Mill Creek.

Someone had to climb 300 feet to put that webcam in place. And if you are wondering why a falcon would be drawn to a generating station...

"It's in a location that's more like their native nest locations. The Peregrine Falcons tend to fly toward our generating stations because the stacks remind them of their natural nesting locations which are usually high up in cliffs," Pratt said.

So the waiting game has begun as the falcon draws us all in to watch mother nature take it's course. Click here to watch the Peregrine Falcon

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