Brentwood police search for suspects involved in credit card the -

Brentwood police search for suspects involved in credit card theft ring

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

BRENTWOOD, Mo. (KMOV) -- News 4 has learned Brentwood Police are looking for several suspects going around stealing women’s credit cards right out of their purses.

It’s happened several times at the St. Louis Bread Company in Brentwood. Detective Sgt. Jim McIntyre says, "it appears these suspects are waiting for unattended purses or victims not paying as close attention as they should to their wallet, purse or credit card."

Sgt. McIntyre says they're looking for at least 5 suspects. Women are the target. Police say the suspects pick their victim then start up a conversation to distract her while the other suspect quickly steals her credit card right out of her purse. “The victims have told us they've had their purse on the floor next to their feet and didn't notice anyone rummaging around,” says Sgt. McIntyre.

One of the suspects was caught on camera at a local bank using a stolen debit card for a cash advance. In some other cases police say the suspects take the cards and go to places such as Target and Best Buy and buy electronics or gift cards then resell them. News 4 wanted to know Target’s policy when it comes to checking id’s. A manager at the Target in Brentwood refused to comment and wouldn’t tell us.

"I've gone into places where they haven't checked my id and I kind of wish they would've.  When someone does-it’s surprising but feels good they're actually checking id's, says customer Amanda Steelman"

Police have this advice for you. Don’t put your purse on the floor or even on the back of your chair. Have it in your lap or sitting right next to you. If someone is hovering around you and looks suspicious, tell an employee.

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