News 4 helps family resolve dispute with landlord -

News 4 helps family resolve dispute with landlord

( – A family who said they were mislead by their landlord contacted News 4 for help.

Kawanda Brown said she and her family had just moved into a house they were renting when their landlord called telling them it was time to move.

“We were finally at a stable position in life, and everything was going good, I thought, until that phone call,” Brown said.

Brown said she was concerned her family would lose the $800 security deposit and the first month’s rent she had already paid.

It turns out the house was in foreclosure. The house was turned over to the realty agency Fannie Mae two weeks before the Browns moved in. Brown said the landlord never told her about the home’s financial situation.

The landlord said he did not know the house was in foreclosure until after the Brown family had moved in. He says there was miscommunication between the realtor and the bank.

The landlord decided not only to pay the family back, but also deliver the check to them personally, and help them find a new home.

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