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Missouri agency recommends legal action against Bridgeton landfill owner

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(KMOV.com) -- The Missouri Department of Natural Resources says the owner of the Bridgeton landfill is breaking the state’s environmental laws.

The DNR has been testing the air around the site, and found increased levels of a potentially harmful gas. Thursday, the organization recommended the State Attorney General’s Office take legal action against the owner, Republic Services.

Residents in the area here have been waiting a long time for legal action.

“I believe that’s excellent, we have to deal with this smell all day everyday, morning and evenings,” said Mike Murray, who lives near the landfill. “I’m glad somebody’s finally stepping in and doing something about it.”

The DNR’s 30 day test found elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide, increased exposure to which can lead to headache, eye nose and throat irritation.

Republic Services said Wednesday there’s no proof that gas found in the tests is coming from the landfill.

Gas aside, residents say the intense stench keeps getting worse and want it eliminated.

“This is our families and our kids, everybody’s in jeapordy and it is harmfull to us, then yes, somebody needs to be responsible and take care of this situation,” Murray said.

The owner of the landfill said it will cooperate with the investigation.

“Bridgeton Landfill, LLC has been cooperating with  MDNR and local government officials at all levels as we work to resolve the odor issues at the landfill," a company statement read. "We’re now looking forward to also working with Attorney General Koster and his team.”

The Missouri Attorney General’s Office will review the DNR’s air study and decide what to do about republic services.

“We received the referral for the department of natural resources yesterday," the attorney general's officer said in a statement. "We will gather information, review the reports, and then consider our options.  we expect to move on this quickly."


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