Lottery scams aggressively target elderly -

Lottery scams aggressively target elderly

( – Investigators say scamming has turned more aggressive against the elderly.  In some cases even threats of violence have been made.

News 4 told you about the Jamaican Lottery scam, which has bilked seniors out of millions of dollars.

Intimidation tactics to get people to pay up are getting worse according to The Better Business Bureau.  One example is that of an elderly woman who lives in South St. Louis.

“They basically said, unless you wire us a certain amount of money, we have a sniper outside your home. And if you look out the window, you'll be able to see him," said Bill Smith with the BBB. "Well she looked out the window, she didn't see him...she still was terrified.”

The Better Business Bureau recommends hanging up if you should ever receive a call about the Jamaican Lottery.

Hearings are being held by Congress to address the issue.


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