First on 4: Employees outraged after PRACS research company's su -

First on 4: Employees outraged after PRACS research company's sudden closure

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- More than 100 employees being injected with experimental drugs lost their jobs after a St. Charles pharmaceutical research company suddenly closed. Since News 4 ran a report on the company, our phones and email inboxes have been flooded by patients who had given up days or even weeks of their lives to help in drug studies.

They were really counting on the payments they earned.

“I think they’re pretty heartless,” said Jim Doughty.

Doughty and his wife make only modest salaries, so he was counting on the $1,800 promised for participating in a drug study.

“I don’t want to work a part-time job every night and every weekend so I started doing this as a supplement so we could send our kids to a good school and that we could take a vacation in the summer,” said Doughty.

Neil Theriaut participated in a drug study to earn enough money to pay for a bathroom remodeling job that’s now in limbo.

“We completed the study, have a signed consents that PRACS institute would pay us the sum of $1,800 dollars for our time put in,” said Theriaut. “I followed every procedure, made everything on time, did everything they asked and now it looks like it was all for naught.”

Besides the time that study participants gave up when they sign up for a study, they also pay their own gas to get to the business and endure lots of side effects like headaches, nausea, vomiting, fever, high blood pressure and seizures.

Participants say drug studies at PRACS institute were no vacation but, did it for the extra income that they don’t think they’ll ever get.

“I put in my own money with gas to go back and forth, shortened hours just so I could participate in this study and be compensated the $1,500,” said Erin Smelser.

No one at the company’s offices in St. Charles responded to questions from News 4.



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