Officials: New cameras on St. Charles' 'Historic Main Street' sh -

Officials: New cameras on St. Charles' 'Historic Main Street' should reduce crime

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

(KMOV) -- For months, business owners in St. Charles have called on city officials to do something about crime on historic Main Street.


During the day the street is full of families, both locals and out-of-towners enjoying the historic feel. But after hours it’s a very different story.

Richard Cochran, owner of Rockers, wasted no time and spared no expense installing state of the art surveillance in his bar on N. Main Street.  

“We put it in there to try to keep people honest, at least we know who did it lets put it that way,” said Cochran, who’s had enough. “It’s important for people to go out and have a good time, but also important to feel safe.”

Outside Rockers, things can get a little wild with vandalism, public drunkenness and nuisance crimes.

The St. Charles Police Dept. responded to 1,200 incidents on Main St. in the first six months of 2012.

St. Charles Mayor Sally Faith started a task force and spiked police presence.

“This is our way of showing the city did listen to businesses and we are working with them on this,” said David Leezer, director of economic development for St. Charles.

And soon security cameras will capture every move on Main Street.

“We don’t have murders, we don’t have issues such as that down here but it just reinforces that this is a family atmosphere,” said Leezer.

It’s the city’s way of protecting its investment.  And business owners, tired of cleaning up the mess, approve.

“It’s kind of like the bike patrols. Do they arrest people? Yes, but more than anything their presence just makes people feel better,” Leezer said.

“Nothing like having your face plastered all over a video if you’ve committed a crime,” added Cochran.

The city currently has three cameras up and running right now, and more are planned for installation by the end of the year.

The video isn’t monitored constantly, but available for police to review at any time.


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