New allegations against a contracting company confronted by News -

New allegations against a contracting company confronted by News 4

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer


( -- First we exposed their rip-off, and then the Missouri Attorney General sued them for running a scam.

A west St. Louis County Company bilked thousands of dollars from hard working area homeowners.

News 4 did not think it could get much worse but the crew at All Seasons Contracting proved to us, it can.

“What I don’t understand is how they can continue (de)frauding people and still...nothing (is) done to them” said Aulderay Fields.

She gave the company more than $7,000 months ago for a new roof.

David Honea told us a similar story.

He told News 4 “I called them at least twice a month for 9 months, and they kept telling me the checks in the mail...well that’s one of the greatest lies.”

In February, News 4 called All Seasons for a bid; they sent someone out, even though the company was not supposed to be getting new business.

The Missouri Attorney General alleges All Seasons sent crews door to door and took at least $37,000 in down payments and did nothing.

Considering these issues, News 4 figured the managers of All Seasons would want to try and make good on paying people back.

Aulderay Fields did get a check from All Seasons in the mail but she “went to the credit union and deposited it and a couple of days later I received a note from them saying it was insufficient funds.”

David Honea also got a check and it actually went through after he tried cashing it 17 days in a row.

But All Seasons held back 25 percent for a cancellation fee, even after not doing any work on his home.

News 4 left another message for All Seasons but no one called back.



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