Parents, district officials brace for revenue losses in St. Louis County -

Parents, district officials brace for revenue losses in St. Louis County

( -- Monday, assessments revealed property values in St. Louis County dropped an average of seven percent, the hardest area hit was north county.

Clayton is the only district in the county that actually went up in value, while for others the value drop will wipe out millions of dollars.

The Ferguson-Florissant district has weathered major deficits over the past few years. It’s one of the area’s biggest districts, and propery values have dropped more than nine percent.

Superintendent Dr. Art McCoy says the nine percent drop means roughly $3 million less for the struggling district.

“When things like this occur those prices become real because people will have to start to pay for extras because it’s not included in the core service school districts provide,” he said.

McCoy says there won’t be teacher layoffs and cuts would come from outside the classroom such as raising the price for breakfast and lunch or reducing the number of buses that take kids home from after school activities.

But the district already has made some cuts and parents say the toll is starting to add up.

“So what happens now is we’re having to pay for uniforms we never had to pay for,” said Alice Raferty, parent of a student in the district. “We have to pay for AP testing for kids who if they wanna go on to college they have to have these tests.”

Additionally, parents worry more cuts could push people to move out of the district.

“We dont have the money that the St. Charles and Wentzvilles and all them have,” Raferty said. “People come here and are like ‘eww north county.’ It’s a shame.”

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