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Police chief frustrated after attacker gets light sentencing

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(KMOV.com) -- According to prosecutors, in July 2011, Roy Neal attacked two bike cops on a call downtown. Police Chief Sam Dotson called the man's attack "vicious."

Information from the case file says he punched a female officer, knocking her to the ground before continuing to punch her, chipping her tooth and injuring her nose and face. A male officer was also hurt, punched several times.

Neal took a plea deal.

Friday, he was sentenced to just two years probation, something St. Louis' top cop is having a hard time understanding. 

"Instead of receiving an outcome that I think society would be happy with, he receives a slap on the wrist,” said Dotson.

Judge Thomas Frawley, who presided over the case, did not return multiple phone calls and News 4 was told Judge Frawley had left for the day when reporters went to the courthouse Monday.

Chief Dotson said it's the second time this year they've been let down by the courts. In January, he criticized a sentence for a man who shot at officers in 2010. Now, he’s  asked voters to respond.

His officers, he said, are holding up their end of the deal. Until the justice system does their part, he said, people like Neal will only offend again.

"They are willing to act aggressively towards the authority figures and the police officers, then I don't think anyone in society is safe,” Dotson said.


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