Man charged with arson after accusing wife of incest -

Man charged with arson after accusing wife of incest

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HOUSTON—A man has been charged with arson after he allegedly set fire to his wife’s house after accusing her of having sexual relations with her son, according to court documents.  

It happened on Feb. 24 in the 22000 block of Rangeview Drive in Katy.

An arson investigator found fire damage to the mattress of the master bedroom, and back patio; and an accelerant detecting canine found two rooms had the presence of ignitable liquids on clothes, carpet and bedding.  The investigator concluded that the fire was intentionally set with the intent to damage and destroy the residence.  There were words painted on the drive way that said “___  sleeps with mom happy b day,” court documents stated.  

Edwardo Saldana’s wife said they had separated and that he had recently moved back into her home.  The couple had gone to Galveston with her son to celebrate  a friend’s birthday. 

Saldana’s wife said they got into an argument and he took the only vehicle and left everyone else in Galveston.

Saldana later told a work supervisor that he found his wife and stepson in a room with their pants down and that he got scared and left, but went to the house where he poured gasoline in the bedrooms and burned furniture on the patio, according to court documents.   

Saldana is charged with arson of a habitation. He was previously convicted of driving while intoxicated.

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