MoDOT needs drivers help locating, fixing potholes -

MoDOT needs drivers help locating, fixing potholes

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

(KMOV) -- MoDOT engineers spent Monday morning looking for and identifying potholes around the St. Louis area. It was a part of an annual job done at the beginning of every spring as officials try to make Missouri roadways easier to navigate.

It is also a job that MoDOT officials admit they need extra help with.

“We’ve been out trying to find [the potholes] ourselves and now we’re out looking for the stragglers we haven’t found,” MoDOT engineer Ed Hassinger said. “We are going to try to make every effort we can to get those repaired as quickly as possible.”

To do this, MoDOT officials are on pothole patrol through April 14. It is a month-long initiative that allows road crews to focus their efforts on patching potholes, smoothing out Missouri highways and making them safer for motorists. Better yet for drivers, state road workers vow to try to repair a pothole within 24 hours of the original report.

“If you call in a pothole today on your way to work, it would be every effort to get that patched by the time you go to work the next day,” Hassinger said.

Here are the multiple ways a driver can make a report:

MoDOT’s Customer Service Center: 1-888-ASK-MODOT (888-275-6636)
MoDOT’s website: and look for “Report a Road Concern”
MoDOT’s email:
MoDOT’s Facebook: at MoDOT-St. Louis
MoDOT’s Twitter: @MoDOT



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