Taxpayers carry insurance costs for former Sunset Hills officer -

Taxpayers carry insurance costs for former Sunset Hills officer involved in deadly crash

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

SUNSET HILLS, Mo. (KMOV) – A former Sunset Hills officer found guilty in a drunken driving crash that killed four people and injured a fifth in 2009 was still an employee of the Sunset Hills Police Department with the city paying her health care costs.

Those fees have cost the city of Sunset Hills about $10,000 to provide health insurance for Miller over the past 24 months. According to legal experts, the city could have fired her at just about any point after she was charged. However, the board chose not to.

Miller was severely injured in the crash in March of 2009 after a night of heavy drinking at O’Leary’s bar on Lindbergh. She was off duty when she killed four students from India. Miller will serve eight years in prison, which even the prosecutor says is a lenient sentence.

But she also got some lenient treatment from elected officials in Sunset Hills. Miller was an at-will employee, and could have been fired anytime after she was charged.

During her suspension, the city paid $408 per month in health care premiums. Taxpayers picked up that tab. Now, her health care bill is the responsibility of taxpayers statewide as she begins her eight year prison term.

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