SLU Professor says quake energy reaches St. Louis -

SLU Professor says quake energy reaches St. Louis

(KMOV) -- Saint Louis University Prof. Robert Herrmann says the quake that hit Japan early this morning reached St. Louis but you did not feel it.

Herrmann says that seismograph machines recorded the quake at just about midnight St. Louis time and it took about 13 minutes to reach this area.  But the force was so slight that no one here really felt anything.

Herrmann is with the SLU Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences.

Although energy from the quake travels across the globe, Herrmann says the quake off the coast of Japan will have no direct effect on the New Madrid fault in the Missouri bootheel.

The United States Geological Survey knew within minutes where the quake was located, how big it was and what we could expect in the way of damage and projected fatalities.  The government website lists projections based on population of a particular area, the size of the quake and the quality of the construction of the buildings in that part of the world.

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