St. Louis goes bananas! -

St. Louis goes bananas!

( -- Members of Go! St. Louis distribute 4,500 bananas in their "Go! Bananas" banana promotion to encourage people to make fruit part of their daily diet.

Go! St. Louis staff and volunteers set out Thursday morning around the St. Louis area, handing out bananas to anyone and everyone they met on the street.  Organization president Nancy Lieberman said, "The Go! Bananas promotion was designed to encourage area residents to make fruit, and in this case bananas, part of their daily diet."

According to Lieberman, the event is a special one day "gorilla marketing" promotion.

The GO! Bananas promotion is a prelude to the 11th Annual GO! St. Louis Marathon & Family Fitness Weekend, set for April 9 & 10, and attracts 25,000 participants and more than 50,000 spectators.

GO! St. Louis is a local non-profit organization and encourages individuals and families in the St. Louis region to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle year round.

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