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Plea from gunman's mother

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson
By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

(KMOV)-- Carlos Boles was a deeply troubled man. He was violent, used drugs and faced years in prison for his most recent crimes when police tried to arrest him yesterday in south St. louis.

Six years ago, his mother Theresa Beal wrote a letter to Judge Edward Sweeney asking him for leniency. She begged the judge to sentence her son to probation for a series of drug related convictions instead of prison time.

"I feel my son really never had a chance in life," wrote Beal. "I feel some what the blame for his mistakes."

( Click here to read Theresa Beal's full letter)

Beal wrote that they moved into the Jeff Vander Lou apartments in 1987, and her son quickly became a target of violent gang members. "Carlos was beaten half to death, chased home on several different situations," she wrote. In high school "he got shot 10 times at one time, a left for dead, but Thanks to God he lived."

When he was 16, Boles was locked up and apparently escaped after a fight at the Hogan Street detention facility. She told the judge that her son didn't hit anyone, but he was sentenced to ten years in prison anyway, serving 8 1/2 years as an adult.

Beal told the judge that her son's daughter "was born just yesterday." She begged Sweeney to put Boles on probation. This, she argued, "will allow him another chance to prove himself. He can make it in this world, just by obeying the laws of the Land. I am a very ill woman, and I will love to see my son make it for once in his life."

Judge Sweeney sentenced Boles to seven years in prison, but decided to give him "shock" prison time. Boles served 120 days, then received three years probation, which he completed. His most recent crimes for drug possession and assaulting a cop happened last October, more than five years after his mother wrote her letter to the judge. 

Yesterday, like so many other days, a mother's plea wasn't enough to save Carlos Boles from himself. The boy, Theresa Beals prayed, would "make it for once in his life," ended the life of a United States Marshal. 

Boles was born into disadvantage, raised in a violent neighborhood and had countless challenges many of us will never face, but he also had the chance to choose a different path.

He chose to be a criminal, and yesterday, on his last day of life, he chose to be a cop killer.

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