St. Louis Police break down Mardi Gras crime numbers -

St. Louis Police break down Mardi Gras crime numbers

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The St. Louis Police Department has released the official numbers for Saturday’s Mardi Gras celebration in Soulard.
The breakdown is as follows:
A total of 87 people were arrested on 93 different charges.
-Minor in Possession of Alcohol: 67
-General/Individual Peace Disturbance: 6
-Assault: 4
-Urinating in Public: 4
-Resisting Arrest: 3
-Assault on a Law Enforcement Office: 2 (There were two fights in which the suspects were resisting arrest and wound up hitting officers. The officers had no serious injuries.)
-Interfering with an Arrest: 1
-Bartering/Trading: 1 (essentially an adult gave her ID to an underage individual, but both were caught.)
-Exposing Person: 1
 There was also 1 purse snatching.  Investigation into the incident was greatly hindered because the victim did not report the incident until about an hour later. No suspect has been identified.
A total of 6 vehicles were towed from the parade route. Multiple others were on the route prior to the start of the parade, but police were able to locate the owners of those vehicles, who moved them.
Last year there were a total of 99 charges, 48 of which were Minor in Possession. 

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