Yet Another Tornado Confirmed! -

Yet Another Tornado Confirmed!


Yet another tornado confirmed from last Sunday night’s severe weather! This tornado touchdown occurred at the Balducci winery near Augusta. It then traveled east for about 6 miles producing some home damage and snapping large trees. This tornado is estimated at EF1.
In all, 14 tornadoes have been confirmed in our area from last Sunday’s outbreak. There were 4 EF0s (65-85 mph gusts), 6 EF1s (86-110mph gusts) and 4 EF2s (111-135 mph gusts). Here is the breakdown.   
Shelby County - EF1 and EF0 Tornadoes
Granite City, Illinois - EF1 Tornado
Troy, Illinois - EF2 Tornado
Pike County, Missouri - Two EF0 Tornadoes
Bond County - EF1 Tornado
Fayette County - Two EF2 Tornadoes and One EF1 Tornado
Washington County - EF0 and EF2 Tornadoes
Madison County - Glen Carbon to Edwardsville - EF1 Tornado
Warren County and St. Charles County - EF1 Tornado
The National Weather Service’s website has further information on all these tornadoes as well as pictures and maps. To access that information, just click here

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