Government cuts could also mean big slashes in Social Security -

Government cuts could also mean big slashes in Social Security

(KMOV) – A federal government shutdown has been avoided for the moment, as President Obama will sign a stopgap spending bill.

The Senate passed the legislation earlier on Wednesday.

The bill trims $4 billion from the budget, but only funds the government for another two weeks. Debate on longer-term plans still looms.

In a statement, President Obama says he’s pleased that Congress has passed the legislation, but he says lawmakers should not create the threat of a shutdown every few weeks, calling that irresponsible.

Millions of people who get Social Security are worried about potential cuts that could end up costing them money.

A Republican plan would cut $1.7 billion out of Social Security, immediately.

There were protests around the country on Wednesday staged by Social Security Administration workers.

Within two weeks when Congress votes again, they say their system could grind to a crawl because of budget cuts. Those still waiting for benefits have the most to lose.

If you’re already getting a Social Security check, nothing that happened in Washington on Wednesday will affect you. However, if you have to apply for benefits in the future, these budget cuts could affect services that will likely impact you.

However, St. Louis University economist Jack Strauss while he does expect cuts, he does not expect benefit losses.

If you have questions or concerns, call your Congressman or Senator. They will be voting on this issue very soon.

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