Seaches spiking on Yahoo! today -

Seaches spiking on Yahoo! today

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

These are some of the top items that we are seeing spike in Search on Yahoo!:

Discovering Discovery: With Space Shuttle Discovery on its final voyage, curious minds are searching Yahoo! for “how fast is the space shuttle?”, “where is the space shuttle now?”, and “why is the space shuttle program ending?”


Overtime Shot: Channing Frye’s second consecutive winning shot defeated the Indiana Pacers last night, 104-103. According to Yahoo!, there are 5.6 times more searches today for “phoenix suns” than for the “indiana pacers.”

Steelin’ the Dance Floor: Searches for Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver, Hines Ward are spiking 1,765% today on Yahoo! after being casted on Dancing with the Stars. This also sent spikes today on Yahoo! for “hines wards bio” and “hines wards crying.”

Sushi Poppers: First there was the sushirrito (sushi burrito) and now there’s “sushi poppers,” a sushi roll on a stick (think of a push popsicle). Searches on Yahoo! today for “where to buy sushi poppers” are up 450%.


Charlie Sheen Searches:

According to Yahoo! the top searched questions related to Charlie Sheen:

Is Charlie Sheen Crazy

What Is Wrong With Charlie Sheen

Who are Charlie Sheen’s goddesses

How old is Charlie Sheen

What is wrong with Charlie Sheen

What does Martin Sheen think of Charlie Sheen

How much is Charlie Sheen worth

Is Charlie Sheen mentally ill

Who Is Charlie Sheen’s mother

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