Storm damage reported near Hannibal, Missouri -

Storm damage reported near Hannibal, Missouri

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By Bryce Moore By Bryce Moore

( -- Powerful storms continue to thunder across the region.  It appears Hannibal, Missouri is taking the first round of damaging wind and hail.


Storm reports out of Marion County, Missouri indicate a four-foot diameter tree was blown over, taking out power lines, blocking a road and crushing a car.


There are reports of quarter-inch hail, wind gusts topping 45 miles per hour and large tree limbs being blown down in and around Hannibal. Power is reported to be out on the north side of town.


Near Palmyra a trained spotter reports wind gusts of 70 miles per hour, there are reports of


Near Shelbina, Missouri there are reports of several that have been lost their roofs.  At least two machine sheds and three grain bins blown over.  A trained spotter reports that multiple power poles have been snapped with many blocking the roads.


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