Vandals destroy new anti-crime tool -

Vandals destroy new anti-crime tool

Three days after a new mobile surveillance camera system went up in south St. Louis, vandals took it down.  The cameras were attached to a mobile unit that could be moved to various neighborhoods in the 6th ward.

Last Wednesday, the cameras were placed at the corner of Magnolia and Michigan, the first area selected to try out the system.

Around two a.m. Saturday, vandals knocked over the unit, then broke each camera lens. The video is recorded remotely.  According to Alderwoman Kacie Starr Triplett, the video showed clear images of four men walked up to the unit just before it was vandalized.

She says she gave the video to police.

A local business donated the use of the cameras.

Alderwoman Triplett says the program will move forward, despite the set-back.

"It may not be a mobile surveillance unit, but there will some types of cameras. There will be increased police presence on this corner because we are going to send a message that this is our community and you are not going to destroy this neighborhood."

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