Pedestrians ignorant of dangers on the interstate -

Pedestrians ignorant of dangers on the interstate

Two teenagers have died on the Interstates in the St. Louis area in the past two months.

On Saturday a 14-year-old was killed when he tried to cross Interstate 55 with his two friends.  We talked with people in the neighborhood and they tell us that they see people crossing the highway on foot on a daily basis.

Safety experts will tell you that it is extremely dangerous on the highway because people just don't realize how quickly the traffic is coming at them.  We talked with Mike Right at AAA and looked up several mathematical formulas on speed, reaction time and stopping.  Consider this---at 60 miles an hour it takes about 270 feet to stop a vehicle.  That's 90 yards, nearly the length of an entire football field.

Right sent me an article from years ago.  It quotes a police officer who had just worked a fatal accident involving a pedestrian on the highway.  The officer said zero is the most dangerous speed on an interstate.  In other words, the person not in a vehicle is the one most at-risk.

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