Tips to protect yourself -

Tips to protect yourself

Police tell us a group of carjackers robbed three people in St. Louis City and County. The first happened on 19th and Washington Avenue. Officers say a gunman pulled his shirt over his face and took a Chevy Tahoe. The second happened on the 4300 block of Enright. Investigators say thieves robbed an 88-year old man of his champagne colored Lexus. The last carjacking took place in Normandy on the corner of San Diego and Refield Court Drive. The suspects got away with a silver colored Magnum. Here are a couple of tips I dug up from Retrivo Anti- Theft Device on how to avoid carjackers.

Here are some tips to protect you and yourself from potential carjackers:

Your safety boils down to being aware. If someone is coming towards your car, you need to notice them ahead of time. Make use of your rearview and side mirrors when you are stopped or in a parking lot.

Never stop at a traffic light or stop sign directly behind another car. Highway carnappers are usually armed. They eye those who are about to leave or approach their cars in parking spaces. Sometimes vehicles at stop lights aren't safe either. Suspects time their carnapping by threatening the victim to leave the car once the light is about to switch to "go" to prevent being held up by the police.

Park under a lit area. Don’t necessarily look for a spot closest to the door. Instead, look for a spot that’s well lit first and foremost.

Look around before you get in your car and before you get out of your car. Always look in your rearview mirror and two side mirrors before you get off your car. Always look around as you walk toward your car as well.

Lock your doors as soon as you get in the car and that YOU control when your doors are unlocked when you park the car. Don’t have your car’s automatic settings to unlock the doors when you put the car in park. There are many criminals that are familiar with this feature and will use it to their advantage. They will also use the innocence of children in the back seat who may eagerly open their own car door to their advantage as well. Program your locks so that the kids get out only after you’ve given the all clear.






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