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Diverging diamond interchange, a first for St. Louis, may open October

A Missouri Department of Transportation spokesman said Monday that the new diverging diamond interchange at I-270 and Dorsett Road in Maryland Heights could be complete by late October.

Initially, MoDOT planned for a December, 2010 completion date: www.modot.mo.gov/stlouis/major_projects/I-270andDorsettInterchangeProject.htm

The diverging diamond interchange is the first one constructed in St. Louis and is only the fourth one built in the country. The diamond pattern sends drivers into what is usually the opposing lanes of traffic. MoDOT says this will eliminate the need for vehicles to cross on-coming traffic to make left turns to enter I-270.

Confused? Watch this video: www.youtube.com/watch

MoDOT released the video this summer to show drivers what the new intersection will look like. The animation shows how a driver would have to navigate the diverging diamond interchange.

Jack Wang, MoDOT spokesman, said that signs, traffic signals, and barriers would guide drivers through the interchange. He said he anticipates a learning curve when the intersection opens, but \MoDOT chose the design for safety reasons and to improve traffic flow.

If the weather continues to cooperate, MoDOT anticipates completing construction by late October. Just before re-opening the interchange, MoDOT plans to release another video of MoDOT personnel driving through the completed interchange.

"It's all about driver education," said Wang.

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