Making the Grade, Mascoutah Superintendent's Contract -

Making the Grade, Mascoutah Superintendent's Contract

The three year contract of Mascoutah superintendent Sam McGowan pays him a salary of $174,000 during the 2010-11 school year. In his contract, the Board is able to award an undisclosed pay raise, but may not cut his pay. The Board may also give him a "merit adjustment," or bonus, but the contract doesn't reveal if there's a limit on the amount the Board can give him. Dr. McGowan's "fringe benefits" are discussed in detail in Section 15 of his contract. Those benefits include getting 17 sick days per year, and the right to accumulate up to 240 days. Dr. McGowan would be paid cash for those days when he leaves the district. Some districts, including Hazelwood, do not allow employees to cash out their sick days. The contract also allows Dr. McGowan to carry forward up to 21 vacation days to the next year, which is a very unusual benefit for superintendents in our area. The superintendent also receives a very modest monthly auto allowance of $250, one of the lowest in the area for superintendents who receive that benefit.


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