Confusing lane switches at I-270 and Highway 40 -

Confusing lane switches at I-270 and Highway 40

(KMOV) -- It's the season for highway construction zones but News 4 has been hearing concerns about the workzone at 64/40 & I-270.

While MoDOT workers replace expansion joints under the bridge, motorists are required to navigate a lane shift as they drive over 270.

Some drivers are failing to stay in their lane, creating a potentially dangerous situation. I've been checking on this and have talked with MoDOT and with drivers. The problem appears to be with motorists who aren't paying attention or drivers who are going through the construction zone for the first time.

MoDOT says it hasn't had any formal complaints and the Missouri Highway Patrol hasn't investigated any accidents in the construction zone.

MoDOT is warning drivers to be alert on this construction zone because the lane shifts will change every two weeks until the work is completed around the first of December.

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