Making the Grade, Clayton Superintendent's Contract -

Making the Grade, Clayton Superintendent's Contract

Clayton Superintendent Dr. Mary Hermann receives a salary of $220,000, plus benefits, according to her current three year contract. She gets a monthly auto allowance of $750, one of the largest of its kind in the metro area. She also receives an annual expense account of $2,500 for "expenditures incurred by her in relation to professional and civic activities relative to her duties." Dr. Hermann receives 30 days of vacation, also among the most generous benefits in the region. In addition, the district pays for all costs related to medical, dental and vision insurance for Hermann with dependent coverage. She also receives the most generous life insurance benefit I've seen on a contract. The district pays for a term policy that is worth at least $440,000 if she dies of natural causes, and at least $880,000 if her death is accidental.

The contract is one of the most generous in the metro area, especially for a small district. Clayton has five schools, including a high school, but it only has an enrollment of about 2,500. The district is one of the wealthiest in Missouri, has small class sizes and some of the highest test scores in the state.

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