Making the Grade, Hazelwood Superintendent Contract -

Making the Grade, Hazelwood Superintendent Contract

The contract of Hazelwood superintendent Dr. Stephen Price is one of the most lucrative in the metro area. He receives a salary of $235,000 this year, but is not guaranteed a pay raise through the rest of his contract. He was awarded 180 sick days at the beginning of his contract, but is unable to accumulate more than that. Price can't cash in those sick days. He will either use them or lose them. According to the district, Hazelwood has hired 14 administrators since it changed its sick day policy in 2009. Dr. Price is the only one of those administrators who received an advance of 180 sick days. In addition, he receives $650 a month as an auto allowance. The district also contributes $15,000 a year to a retirement account chosen by Dr. Price.  

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