Making the Grade, Alton Superintendent's Contract -

Making the Grade, Alton Superintendent's Contract

Alton superintendent David Elson has a contract that pays him $187,355.40, according to the most recent Administrator Salary Report posted on the district website. That's the highest salary among metro-east superintendents. But that salary is misleading. Elson gets health care coverage and a meager retirement contribution on top of his base pay, which brings his total compensation to $195,000 a year, which is about $15,000 per year less than O'Fallon Township High School High School 203 superintendent Dr. Darcy Benway who has only one school and less than half of the enrollement in Alton. However, Elson makes a much bigger salary than Dr. Ed Hightower, the superintendent in Edwardsville, which has a bigger district than Alton.


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