Making the Grade, Ladue Superintendent's Contract -

Making the Grade, Ladue Superintendent's Contract

Ladue superintendent Dr. Marsha Chappelow is in the second year of a three year contract. During the 2010-11 school year she'll receive $184,000 in salary, plus benefits. Those benefits include a monthly auto allowance of $600, a $3,000 a year annuity, health related benefits valued at $5,000 a year and retirement contributions that totaled around $25,000 last year. Overall, that puts her total compensation package around $225,000 a year. 

Compared to similar size districts, Dr. Chappelow's compensation is high. Ladue is a small district with only 3,800 students, but the expectations are also extremely high. The average ACT composite test score is 26.5, the highest public high school test score in the metro area. Ladue's high school graduates are routinely accepted into the best colleges and universities in the country. Last year, seven graduates were accepted to Harvard and nine were accepted to Yale, according to the district. 

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