Need roof work done?... Don't call Bulldog Roofing says BBB -

Need roof work done?... Don't call Bulldog Roofing says BBB

(KMOV)-- 73-year old Kathleen Carter knew it wasn't a good idea, but the Bulldog Roofing company owner was so nice and so convincing he'd get the job done.  She and her neice paid him $6,400 in installments for a job she says is nowhere near done.  She says the company did some roof work on her St. Louis Avenue home but hasn't touched the deteriorating concrete steps in the front and back of the old house.

In the back a barrel with some supplies and a bag of concrete was left behind by the company, but she hasn't seen or heard from them in a couple of weeks.  The company won't answer the phone when she calls.  Someone answered when I called and asked when they would finish the job.

The guy who didn't identify himself told me (before hanging up on me) Kathleen either misunderstood or is lying.  Says he never said he'd do the concrete steps.   He also said he'd finish the job by the end of the week (this is Thursday) or give her some money back.

Kathleen could only shake her head as she listened to the conversation on speaker phone.

The Better Business Bureau has put out an alert about Bulldog Roofing.  They say they have reports from other consumers who say Angelo Delmaro's company either did substandard work on their roofs or did not complete the work that was promised.

Kathleen Carter says she doesn't expect to get the work finished by Bulldog and can't afford to hire someone else to do it.  She says she'd just like to see the company stopped before they get someone else.

By the way, after the guy at Bulldog hung up on me I called back.  I got a voicemail (no surprise) and left a message saying if they do indeed come back and finish the job or refund money to Kathleen to let me know and I will report how they kept their word.  Like Kathleen, I don't expect to hear back from them.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at

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