New Products For Your Home -

New Products For Your Home

1.) Glade Soy-based candles. ($6.99 for the large 3-wick candle)

*Will bring a few scents to display.

*Can mention the company now has site so you can see what ingredients are in these candles. A transparency of sorts.


 2.) Energizer Smart Recharger and batteries. $19.97

*Can mention they are in STL.

*Countdown timer shows how long until batteries are charged

*Battery Fuel Guage shows charge status

 3.) Method Laundry detergent (10 fl oz is $7.99. 20 oz size is $14.99)


*Packaging is enviro friendly -- 70% less detergent, water and plastic used.


4.) Thermos Funtainers ($13.99 for bottle for drink and $13.99 for food jar)

*Great designs aimed at kids.

*Keeps foods and drinks cold or hot, depending upon what you want.

*Good so you can provide a healthy lunch or dinner for kids on the go.

Have food and drink containers in Star Wars. So I can bring both.


5.) Seventh Generation Natural hand wash ($2.99)

*Hypoallergenic, biodegradable, plant-derived.

*80% of bottle is made from plastic that's already been recycled.


6.) Ziplock Flexible totes ($6.99.)

*Organize different areas of the home. (Car trunk, attic, bedrooms)

*Fits in tight spaces

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