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Cards and KMOX

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

        Cardinals president Bill DeWitt III, says it's about tradition.  And with the Cardinals and KMOX that tradition goes back a long way.  KMOX first broadcast the Crdinals in the world series in 1926 and started carrying games in 1927. 

        As one of the few clear channel radio stations in the country it can be heard at night across most of the country.. The voice of Jack Buck could be heard in several states building a baseball fan base that extended way beyond St Louis.  So it's only natural that the Cards and KMOX are back together.

      This also marks possibly the end of the Cardinals venture into the area of media ownership.  With a 50 percent stake in KTRS, the team had sold it's own advertising for radio broadcasts.  That was a good deal 5 years ago, says DeWitt.  But no doubt the declining economy made selling advertising more difficult and this time the Cards found it easier to just take a lump sum and let KMOX get the ads.  For now, DeWitt says the team will hold on to to its ownership share of KTRS.

       DeWitt also brushed aside speculation the team will venture into TV ownership, a much more lucrative venture that many baseball teams already are doing. 



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