Suggestion for Cardinals hitting problems -

Suggestion for Cardinals hitting problems

(KMOV) -- Nothing seems to be working. The Cardinals can't score a run. Shutout twice in a row by Houston. They've had a total of 5 hits in the last two games. Even Albert Pujols' bat has gone silent. Is there nothing hitting coach Mark McGwire can do to get the hitters out of their funk?
Here's a suggestion. It's something that's worked for me as a little league coach. Have every Cardinal hitter bunt. Just lay down a little bunt down the third base line. I've seen this work wonders at the first and second grade level of CYC baseball. Those little 6 and 7 year old third basemen had all kinds of trouble charging the bunt, fielding it barehanded and throwing off balance to first. Sometimes they'd let the ball roll, hoping it'd go foul, but it stayed fair. There's a hit. Sometimes they'd let it roll for awhile, then pick it up and throw the ball 8 feet over the head of the first baseman, allowing our hitter to circle the bases. There's a run.
I know what you're thinking: isn't the other team going to figure out that they're bunting on every pitch and bring their infield way in. Sure they are. Doesn't matter. Bunt anyway. They can't hit when they swing away, so lay one down. I'm here to tell you they'll botch as many plays as they make. At least that's been my experience at the little league level.
Maybe it'll work for the Cardinals. How much worse could be from what we've seen the last two nights. On Monday they had 2 hits and 0 runs. On Tuesday they had 3 hits and 0 runs. Don't you think they could do at least that well if every hitter bunted? Yes, Yadier Molina would have a tough time beating out a bunt if the third baseman was positioned on the warning track in leftfield. So what, you gotta try something new.
That's my suggestion. I'm telling you, this works at the first grade level. I think there's a decent chance, if the Cardinals bunted 27 times, the Astros' third baseman would be reduced to tears. Better him than us.

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