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Teachers vote to approve contract

The teachers in the Harmony Emge school district in Belleville have voted to approve a new contract.

An official from the Illinois Federation of Teachers acted as the spokesperson this afternoon after the teachers voted to accept the contract.  He would not say what the final vote was so we don't know how close (or how far apart) the final voted turned out to be.  We're told there are 52 teachers in the district and all but two (who had issues they had to attend to) voted.

The teachers say that the contract will mean 40% of them will take a pay cut.  An attorney with the school district disputes that.  Right now, neither side is releasing a whole lot of details.  The district says it expects to release a statement Wednesday morning.  The teachers say they won't release details of the contract until it is ratified by the school board.  The board is expected to meet Wednesday.

The teachers make an average of $67,000 in the district and are said to be among the most well-paid in the metro-east.

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