Don't give up on the Cardinals -

Don't give up on the Cardinals

(KMOV) -- After watching the past week and a half, as the Cardinals played as poorly as any Cardinal team in a decade, it'd be easy to come to the conclusion that this team is finished. No chance to make the postseason. They're 6 games behind the Reds now with 33 to play.
It'd be extremely unlikely that they could make up that ground, especially the way they're playing right now. But I say wait a minute: it's not over yet. Not by any means. Forget about being 6 games behind the Reds. Consider the fact they're only 3 games behind Philadelphia in the wild card race.
That's hardly an insurmountable lead. If this were the start of the season at the beginning of April, and someone had told you the Cardinals would be 3 games out of the wildcard at the end of August, you wouldn't have thought they would have no chance of making the playoffs.
I understand they're not hitting, and that there appears to be very little energy and urgency in the way they're playing right now. But all that can change at any time. We thought the Reds were done when the Cardinals swept them 3 in a row in Cincinnati. If the Cardinals can get a couple of wins in these last two games in Houston and then come home and beat Cincinnati 2 out of 3, they'll be right back in it.
As long as they continue to get solid starting pitching from at least four of their starters, they've got a chance. Don't write them off just yet. You'd hate to be that fan that announced it was "over" at the end of August, and then be standing in line for playoff tickets at the end of September. It could still happen.

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