Gas prices in St. Louis are cheapest in the country -

Gas prices in St. Louis are cheapest in the country

There aren't many positives to report on when it comes to the economy.  However, here's one---the sluggish economy has led to cheaper gas prices at the pump.

Here's what happened: oil companies (and several of the pundits) thought the economy would be chugging along right now.  It's not.  The White House says it's "recovering" but it's not recovering as fast as had been anticipated.  So oil companies ratcheted up their production believing the economy would be stronger right now.  So while they created a lot of "supply" there's not as great a "demand" as they thought there would be.

Maybe you're like a lot of people.  You glance at the gas prices every time you drive by a gas station.  If so, you've probably noticed the price of gas is dropping in St. Louis.  Across the country the price of a gallon of unleaded has dropped more than seven cents in the past two weeks.  The national average is now $2.70.  In St. Louis it's $2.39.  If you go to some of the websites that list gas prices it's easy enough to find $2.29 (Sam's Club and Costco...but those are "members only") or just a few cents more per gallon at stations all around St. Louis.

We talked to some drivers who put in a lot of time behind the wheel each week.  As one man said, it may be just a few cents at the pump but it adds up to a lot of dollars in his wallet.

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