Alton Family's Experience with Hurricane Katrina -

Alton Family's Experience with Hurricane Katrina

   The images from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina are still difficult to look at.  That's especially true if you've been directly affected by it.  Today we were in Alton to talk with the Woods family.  They moved to New Orleans a year before Katrina struck.  They loved New Orleans.  They loved the weather, the atmosphere, the laid-back vibe the city has, the food.  New Orleans was to be their future.

  When the hurricane warnings went into effect they left the gulf coast.  They watched the tel vision coverage from Atlanta as Katrina made landfall.  They were in the process of buying a home in New Orleans and had their belongings in storage.  They actually watched television coverage of their storage facility blown apart by the hurricane  They lost 90% of what they owned.

   They moved back to Alton after the hurricane.  They decided that their four children had been through enough and that Alton is where they will stay for now.  But when the kids have grown up and left the house and they're empty-nesters New Orleans could, again, be their future.

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