Alton family still pained by Hurricane Katrina -

Alton family still pained by Hurricane Katrina

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- An Alton family watched the five year old Hurricane Katrina with a different perspective of most St. Louisans.

A New Orleans artist painted the basement in the Wood’s house. They played Harry Connick, Jr. on the CD player. It’s all a tribute to the city where they used to live.

The Woods moved to New Orleans in 2004. It was going to be their home, their future, but when Katrina came barreling down on the city, the Woods left town, along with many others from the city.

“There was a family whose car had died. A mother and father pushed off the side of the road, looking for someone to help them,” Gary Woods said. “But there’s nothing you can do.”

The Woods lost most of what they owned to Katrina. They moved back to Alton because they didn’t want their kids to live in an area of such struggle. Woods said grocery stores weren’t in some area after the storm and had to go for miles just to get the basics.

“It’s still hard. It’s even harder when you go back into some of the areas and they’re somewhat put together,” Woods said.

Louisiana still lists more than 130 people as “missing” from the storm.

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