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Hawk Point Police Chief Remembered

    Hawk Point, Missouri, is remembering its police chief tonight.  Paul Fricke was killed in a one-car accident this morning. 

   If you talk to those who knew him they'll tell you he was a great guy.

    He was an avid outdoors man.  He loved to fish.  He hunted.  He loved dogs.  He had a cat named Milo.  The story behind Milo?  According to his girlfriend, a few years ago Fricke saw a kitten in the road.  He thought it was dead.  He got out of his police cruiser to move it from the road.  It was still alive.  He let it nestle in his lunch pail.  The kitten was still in his patrol car when another officer saw it walking around.  Can you imagine the conversation?  ("Chief, why the heck do you have a kitten walking around inside your cruiser?")  He named it Milo because he found it alongside a Milo field.  

    Fricke worked as the Hawk Point Police Chief and he was also working for the Warren County Sheriff's Department.  The department has a facebook site.  Check it out and see what the people are writing about Fricke and his energy, his work, his attitude.  You'll see why people around Hawk Point are saying he was a great guy.

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