Law would drastically change how adult businesses operate in Mis -

Law would drastically change how adult businesses operate in Missouri

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

Adult nightclubs and stores in Missouri are holding their breath for a positive ruling Friday.

A judge will have the last say in the matter that threatens to drastically change the way adult businesses operate.

Adult stores and nightclubs would be forced to obey the following regulations:

  • All adult businesses would have to close at midnight
  • All alcohol would be banned
  • Full nudity would be disallowed
  • Performers would have to stand at least six feet away from guests
  • Adult businesses would not be able to open near homes and schools

Critics said the regulations would ultimately put adult businesses out of business, but lawmakers said adult nightclubs have an adverse affect on communities, and that their constituents agree.

The big question could be whether this law will hold up in court. Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster said similar laws have been looked at by the courts and found as not violating the First Amendment.

Sen. Matt Bartle, who is sponsoring the bill, said the economic impact of the law will be far less than the millions of dollars and thousands of jobs critics say could be lost.

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